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"Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art" -Konstantin Stanislavski

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Summer Camp Photography and Videography 2023 Acting Camp Kids and Teens

Who We Are

That's A Wrap is the first acting studio in  Hattiesburg, MS, for TV and Film acting. Our focus is teaching aspiring and established actors, ages five and up, anything pertaining to television and film acting. We have been an L.L.C. for over 9 years. We've had over a 100 students book major print, commercial, TV, and Film projects.  We would love to help you break into the acting or modeling industry! Our students also excel in other areas of life such as speech and debate, reading

Classes are structured as follows:

1. Scene Study - We start class with some type of acting exercise. It is always an exercise created by the trailblazers such as Stanislavski, Meisner,  Hagen, and other greats. Students then pair up with their scene partner and run their scene two or three times. We end class with some type of improvisation game.

2. Cold Reading - The goal when working on cold reading is for our actors to pick up a script for the first time and have the ability to act it out as if they've had the script in hand for weeks. This will come with lots of practice. Cold reading is essential for commercial auditions.

3. Audition Technique - When working on the audition technique, we provide the tools needed to walk into an audition room and nail the audition. We stress the importance of making eye contact with the casting director, having confidence (not arrogance), and being fully prepared.

4. Improvisation - Improvisation sets up a safe and fun environment for our actors to explore their imagination. Not only does improv help with acting ability, but it also will improve public speaking skills, comfort in social settings, listening skills, and more.

Contact us today to take part in acting classes and lessons designed to transform you into a great actor.